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Part III: How To Transform Your Business


In this crucial section of the book, we really jump into the nuts and bolts of how to change a printer into a marketing service provider. And we start with a thorough business plan. A business plan is important for a couple of reasons. Primarily, it offers direction and guidance, something that is of the… Read More »

Business Seems to be Getting Better, But . . .


I  asked the owner of a mid-size printing company how his business seemed to be going so far this year. He said “Well,  I ended 2010 better than 2009 and we’ve started this year optimistically. The plant seems busier, quotes are up, my salespeople are telling me they’re seeing more action, and I’m even thinking of… Read More »

Marketing Services Transformation- The Business Plan


Most commercial operations (print, mail, and fulfillment) are sitting on top of unrealized revenue somewhere in the vicinity of 50% of their current business volume.  Chances are that a six million dollar operation has an additional three million dollars of untapped revenue potential within their existing customer base. While there are many sources or channels… Read More »