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What Printers Should Talk about Online


It’s Marketing’s job to influence that 57 percent of the market opportunity before Sales contact, to position your company as a thought-leader and to make sure that customers don’t get locked into a requirements definition that locks you out of the sale. Since the majority of that process occurs on the web – or from colleague’s referrals based on what they have seen on the web, how you talk about your services online makes a big difference in potential sales success.

Content, Responsive Web, And Mobile Strategy


You should plan your content, all your content, for mobile. Sound crazy? Maybe it is. But here’s the thing – you know you need to keep your mobile content relevant. Mobile users don’t want the fluff. They want what they want, when they want it…on their various mobile devices. So when you are planning your… Read More »

The Inbound Marketing Low-Down


Over the next few weeks, I’d like to share articles in a series that is  focused on one major theme: How companies in the printing industry can use inbound marketing to grow their business. Here is Part 1! Every business dreams of those “easy” sales. The sales where customers virtually fall into your lap. Don’t… Read More »