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Understanding Different Applications for Personalization


“Personalization” continues to be a prominent topic in a number of different circles: marketing, publishing, eCommerce, social networking, and search. It’s no wonder why: personalization helps boost response rates and profitability in cross-media campaigns, helps marketers drive conversion on their Websites & landing pages, and much more. Wikipedia provides a very broad definition of personalization, which… Read More »

Preparing for the Cross-Media World: The Future is NOW!


For operations executives and marketers alike, the number one challenge in today’s market is reaching the customer. Customers are clearly in control of the media that they consume. Mobile devices, iPods, DVRs, and the Internet have changed marketing forever. Marketing executives of the future will need to leverage every customer touch point with a mix… Read More »

Personalize? Just Because We Can, Doesn’t Mean We Should.


I received an annoying email from Harry and David this morning. This was definitely not an accident. I didn’t like it and here’s why. The Harry and David Harvest 2010 catalog showed up in my mailbox yesterday, complete with Intelligent Mail Barcode and a note to the Postmaster to deliver in the proscribed two-day window.… Read More »