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Coloring inside the Lines – Designing Business Communications in Highly Regulated Industries


Regulations are intended to inform and protect the customer. They also protect the corporation from potential liability. Regulations are not the enemy of design, they don’t need to be defeated or circumvented. They need to be understood and implemented in a way that serves the intended purpose – and the same could be said of any portion of content in any information design project. Once you learn enough to color inside the regulatory lines you’re much more likely to be able to influence where those lines are drawn.

Vertical Stuff Transaction Printers Should Know


A quick note on some regulations that are impacting transaction documents in the Financial Services Vertical: 1. Cost Basis Reporting 2. 401(k) Fee Disclosure The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 is best known for the $700 billion bailout provision – but also includes new requirements for financial intermediaries  to report adjusted cost basis  to investors and the… Read More »