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QR Codes: The Real Deal


I don’t know what form QR codes are going to take in the next 5-10 years, but I’ve decided that — until something else replaces them — they’re the real deal. Forget the clumsy YouTube videos of how hard they are to use. I’ve seen those videos, and there was a time they represented the… Read More »

Mobile Apps vs the Mobile Web


Understanding the Basics Software is good fun, but it is never fun when you see ideas play out and think – “Hey, I could have thought of that!” It’s like seeing the “Pet Rock” phenomena all over again.  Maybe I’m dating myself, but back in 1975 (I was just born ;), a guy made plain… Read More »

Smart Phones Are Utterly Direct


With the announcement earlier this week that the iPhone will be available through Verizon in February, the news has been full of iPhone versus Droid and AT&T versus Verizon predictions – even Jon Stewart got into the act! Hard to believe that smart phones could edge out laptop and desktop computers, but with trends like cloud computing, an increasingly… Read More »