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Importantitis, Hubris and the Entrepreneur


In her book, Stephen Sondheim: A Life, Meryle Secrest quotes composer Steven Sondheim on his friend and colleague Leonard Bernstein’s consistent failure to produce any significant music after his great masterpiece “West Side Story.” Sondheim says Bernstein developed “a bad case of importantitis.” That is, anything he touched, by self- definition, had to have the… Read More »

The Great Debate: Centralized or Distributed Purchasing


For as long as I can remember this debate and internal struggle has taken place in companies with multiple production sites, or those with a headquarters operation and remote production.  Who should own the purchasing function?  The pros and cons of both scenarios are substantial.  The following are a few of the most common points… Read More »

Firing the Client and Entrepreneurship


Sometimes you need to fire your client. God, that’s a hard one for me. After 16 years at the helm of my own company and over 700 clients, I’ve only given a client the pink slip four times (and once it was simply for their sake because they were really too busy and successful to… Read More »