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Marketing yourself in Marketing


By Neal Boornazian, President/CEO, Wilde Agency In today’s competitive market, experience, tactical expertise, education, and a mantel-full of industry awards may not be enough to land you a job, let alone your dream job. In fact, they may only be enough to get you a “thanks for your time.” To stand apart, you’ll need more.… Read More »

Make Rectangles More Interesting


A couple of weeks ago, Harvey Hirsh posted that we should “Stop Selling Rectangles.” He offered some great ideas and insights – but if rectangles are what you’ve got, you can still make them more interesting with folding and finishing. Here is one of the super-cool folds from the foldfactory.com archives. Let me know what you think… Read More »

Spring Forward with Transaction Communications


In this spring of smart spending, consider winning by increasing focus on your customer base. Know that this can be a really big win—like a Red Sox win against the Yankees in late September. Why? Because the most effective way to market to your base, to increase their loyalty and gain new sales and referrals, is also highly cost-efficient. You can leverage the transactional documents your company must produce and deliver to customers. In lean times, more than ever, a TransPromo strategy (or more accurately, a Transactional Response Marketing strategy) is a home run because the transactional communications budget also supports your marketing program.