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Jell-O, Healthcare and the New Normal


Running a hospital or healthcare practice is already labor and capital intensive, highly regulated and impenetrably complex. The Affordable Care Act and the growing trend toward consumerism has added constant change to the list of industry challenges. While the ACA itself is the law of the land and implementation is moving forward, the foundational elements… Read More »

What Is Responsive Web Development?


Responsive web development and design is the idea that the development of a website should actually respond to the environment that a user is in, and the user’s actions. This involves the platform, orientation and screen size. Ideally, when a user switches devices, the website itself should switch seamlessly, accommodating for the difference in screen… Read More »

3 Reasons To Have An eNewsletter


An eNewsletter has become common practice for many businesses, and you probably get at least a  few delivered to your inbox every month. They are relevant in nearly every industry- print included –  and allow for tracking of clicks and opens. It is a powerful weapon in every marketing department’s arsenal. And even better, it… Read More »