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Who Throws the Best Show? How do they Know?


In February Iwrote about my confusion on the re-branding of the On Demand Conference to Publishing Exchange.  I attended the On Demand Expo and the Publishing Exchange Conference and my confusion continued. Like the many other comments which have been written about the event,  over all I am concerned and was disappointed.  Some other comments… Read More »

Writing the Book on Workflow


While the needs of on demand book printers vary widely based on order size, overall volume and platform, arguably, high volume on demand book printing requires some of the most complex workflow automation of any printing environment. Even transaction printers and direct mailers could learn some interesting tricks from visiting a dedicated on demand book… Read More »

Where did “ON DEMAND” Go?


Has anyone else been confused when trying to find the On Demand Conference? I have been a regular attendee for years and received the call for conference papers last year. When I hit the link to “Conference Info” and “Register for the Program” on the web site and ended up at Publishing Xchange I was… Read More »