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6 Tips For A Marketing Spring Cleaning


Spring is the perfect time to make a proverbial clean sweep of your marketing efforts and see what needs to be cleaned up, decluttered or re-vamped. (Of course, scheduling something like this once a year, no matter what time of the year, can be a great thing). By springtime, all those resolutions you made at New… Read More »

The State of the Industry: Let us pray.


 In February, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council released results of a study that show today’s marketers struggling to innovate while keeping up with exploding technology. Dubbed Unify to Multiply Marketing Ecosystem Effectiveness* [whew; that’s a mouthful] the report shows chief marketers scrambling to centralize data, while extracting meaningful knowledge from vast volumes of transactional, behavioral, and attitudinal information. The… Read More »