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Cycles of Learning: The right time for an old technique


The Business Communication Industry and print in particular, continue to face challenges from many fronts. The demands and requirements placed on business communications by the end consumer have changed. People want to be able to get their information where they want and when they want it. The technologies utilized in communication are changing at a… Read More »

Cross Functional Teams Critical to Problem Solving


In a recent discussion with a number of folks at a client company, the point was raised that one of their main issues was that problem resolution by one function or department often resulted in a new issue arising in another department. In today’s environment, value is placed on taking responsibility for rapid resolution of… Read More »

Doing More for Less: Mystery of the Vanishing Profits


Communicating to the client the changes and additional work being performed can minimally be used as a way of creating good will and improving the relationship, but can also be an objective way of identifying and communicating additional costs. You decide in advance of discussion whether these are costs you wish to pursue with your client. Most importantly, you know that the work and costs exist.