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How Responsible Sourcing Will Impact Printers in 2011


The rhetoric surrounding “green”, “sustainability” and “corporate social responsibility” has cooled a bit. This means we are now in the normalization phase. Between 2005 and 2008, literally everything gained a greenish tinge. 2009 capped the trend by becoming the year of the “green printing trade show”. Trade shows in 2010 had a diminished green presence. So here we are in 2011. Responsible sourcing/procurement is fast becoming the driving realization that encompasses everything green and sustainable.

Requests For Proposal: End the Madness!


Let’s face it, most participants in the RFP process (from either the Issuer’s or the Responder’s perspective) don’t profit from it. You would think that the Issuer would always benefit but, in fact, they usually only achieve cost savings in trade for

The 2011 RFP Season has Begun!


For those businesses on a calendar-based fiscal year, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are already hitting the street. RFPs are a lot of work for both Issuers and Suppliers. They work out best for everyone when it is a respectful process. Issuers don’t get the best bids when they treat suppliers like second-class citizens of the business realm. Likewise, suppliers don’t get the respect they deserve when they don’t play by the rules or fail to state their case in an effective manner.