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The Number One Sales Question


If you are introducing new services and want a well prepared and effective sales team, you want them to understand what they are selling – that’s a given. As I said in my last post, they also need to have confidence that the new stuff works. Do they need to be technical experts? Probably not,… Read More »

The Art and Science of Competitive Bidding


Every print services provider knows the drill – quote too high and you risk losing the job – quote too low and you risk losing money. Balancing these risks requires both art and science. Nowhere is this balancing act more challenging than when estimating complex color jobs. The situation takes on a whole new level of complexity when the device in question is a full-color inkjet machine – and don’t forget the potential for built-in MICR. These machines offer your clients tremendous cost savings potential, which can make you more competitive – but only if you get the quotes right – RIGHT?

Expand Your Sales without Expanding Your Sales Force


There has been evidence in many companies that the state of the economy is improving, however the pressure to feed the sales pipeline will never lessen. Businesses have always placed a premium on the sales effort and on accomplishment in bringing in more revenue.  Even when there is “no hiring” going on, most companies would… Read More »