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William Shatner and Sales


There was a very nice personality profile of William Shatner in the New York Times by Pat Jordan. Shatner, of course, came to fame in 1966 in Star Trek. He speaks with a charming combination of resignation and bemusement about how his life has been ruled by his type-casting as Captain Kirk. This role defined… Read More »

Firing the Client and Entrepreneurship


Sometimes you need to fire your client. God, that’s a hard one for me. After 16 years at the helm of my own company and over 700 clients, I’ve only given a client the pink slip four times (and once it was simply for their sake because they were really too busy and successful to… Read More »

Hybrid Model for Advanced Marketing Services


A savvy service provider that leads with opportunities centered on marketing technologies and logistics can introduce concepts such as “customer centricity”, interactive dialogue, relevancy of follow through, automated nurturing cycles, integration of cross media, and measurement in such a way that attracts the attention of the senior marketing executive in a high percentage of sales calls.