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A Return to Strategy


“Tactics, Tactics, Tactics…. Everywhere I look, all I see is tactics!” Perhaps you have also felt that same way recently. We hear about tactics across nearly every marketing channel out there. QR Codes. Personalized URLs. Augmented Reality. SMS/Text-Messaging. Mobile Email. Social Media Advertising. Those are just a few of the terms that we hear and… Read More »

Three Ways That A Printer Could Benefit by Using SMS/TEXT


If you have been to any marketing-related conferences over the past year, I’m sure you’d agree that mobile has been a very popular topic. Companies of all sizes are looking for information on QR Codes, mobile websites, mobile apps, and more. In addition to those items, there inevitably is a speaker at these conferences that will say… Read More »

Use Mobile to Drive Print


Everybody is talking about mobile marketing these days. From the perspective of the print provider, this transition is a threat to print. But does it need to be? In order for your customers to send out mobile marketing campaigns, they need to gather mobile phone numbers. How are they going to do that? Marketers cannot… Read More »