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Targeting, Inference and Missing the Point


If you notice how direct marketers are treating you, you can figure out how well they know you…and what techniques they’re using to try to get you to buy. Sometimes marketers target you using previous transaction history or other available data. And that’s good. But sometimes you can see that marketers aren’t targeting you, but only making an inference about you. Sometimes making that inference goes just fine…and sometimes it’s way off base.

If You Haven’t Tested Personalization, Why Not?


This morning, Target Marketing reported on Archive Director Paul Bobnak’s latest analysis of the expansive Who’s Mailing What archives. Of significant interest to Digital Nirvana readers is Bobnak’s finding that — in the first six months of 2010 –personalization of direct mail increased 19 percent over all of 2009. “Used in 35 percent of direct… Read More »