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Cycles of Learning: The right time for an old technique


The Business Communication Industry and print in particular, continue to face challenges from many fronts. The demands and requirements placed on business communications by the end consumer have changed. People want to be able to get their information where they want and when they want it. The technologies utilized in communication are changing at a… Read More »

Top Vertical Markets & Apps for QR Codes


As QR codes go mainstream, we’re starting to see more and more data on their adoption and use. I love data. So that’s a good thing for me. The most recent set I’ve seen come from ScanLife, which offers its own platform for 2D barcodes. According to its Q2 2011 Trend Report, 2D barcode generation… Read More »

Project Management Math


Consider the following desirable equation: New projects ≤ Projects completed  Do you find that for yourself and your organization the number of projects added is at a rate disproportionate to the number of projects completed? Why is that? Organizations place a high value on project management skills, which are critical for successful project completion on… Read More »