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The Fine Line Between Personalization and Scamming


I received one of those refinancing letters in the mail today. It was perforated, tri-folded, and looked like some kind of official government document. The outside said, “Homeowner,” but inside, it addressed me by name, the refinance offer reflected my original mortgage, and the letter included a “pre-qualification offer.” So the inside said, “Personal, relevant… Read More »

Why Don’t Clients Repeat 1:1 Print Jobs?


“In a difficult economy like this marketing budgets are tight. The only projects that get funded are the ones that can prove strong ROI. That’s why you need a way to prove to clients that your solutions will deliver.” This quote came from a November 18 press release from Caslon & Company promoting a PODi… Read More »

Digital Print as a Marketing Model


Is digital printing a production technology? Or a marketing strategy? “Digital Printing: Transforming Business and Marketing Models,” part of Heidi Tolliver-Nigro’s Marketer’s Primer Series, argues for the latter. It presents digital production not as technology in the domain of print buyers and production managers but as the foundation of a comprehensive strategy for changing the… Read More »